Madaline Treatments

Madaline® is a nonwoven of polyester and polyamide microfilaments which serve as a versatile platform for treatment applications. To give an idea of the possibilities listed below are typical treatments however, Madaline® and its polymer blends allow a wide range of treatment capabilities. Additional treatments can be engineered based on customer requirements.

Composite or Layered Fabrics

Including composites with traditional textiles, waterproof membranes, etc.


All types of printing processes are applicable


All types of dyeing process are applicable

Mechanical Softening

Softening without chemicals as may be required by healthcare applications

Chemical Softening

Chemical treatment for softer fabric requirements


Inherently absorbs 2.5 times its weight in water and with treatment increases to 5 time


Water repellence especially for outwear and home textiles

Blood and Alcohol Repellent

Especially for healthcare apparel

Oil Absorbency

Inherently oleophilic, with chemical treatment can be made oleophobic


Especially for sensitive component packaging, cleaning and healthcare apparel

UV Absorption

Highest degree of protection, certified UV Label Grade 80 per UV Standard 801

Fire Retardant

Certified class M1 per NFP 92-503, 92-504 and 92-505 (free of halogen and toxic gases

Soil Release

Chemical treatment enables a feature of ‘easy dirt release’ during the washing process


Flocking with short polyester staple fibers

Silver Ion

For high anti-bacterial applications

Madaline® fills the gap in textiles with a high performance, multi-use and smart fabric that has reduced environmental impact.