Automotive Parts, Electronic Goods and Appliances

Madaline® packaging fabrics are used to protect sensitive component surfaces during transport.


Madaline®, as a packaging material, is uniquely capable of protecting parts against the risks of abrasion, contamination, impact and moisture during storage and transport. Madaline® has multidirectional tensile strength thereby providing a strong fabric to ensure it can house heavy parts without rupture, sagging or deformation. It is easily dyed, printed, cut and sewn to fit the required application and has a long lifetime of reuse. Madaline®, when custom converted for a specific auto part size, easily matches the components design life. When the time comes, converting Madaline® for the new design part is easy and efficient.


The fabric has a soft, smooth and silky surface to protect against abrasion and is devoid of protruding filament ends which ensures no scratching. Madaline® is lint and fiber free and will leave the goods surface as produced; clean, unstained, unmarked and figuratively untouched.


Additional protection against impact during transportation can be provided by sandwiching a shock absorbing layer of padding between two Madaline® fabrics. Madaline® sandwiched with a polyester based internal padding also provides additional tensile strength to the packaging material.


Madaline® is efficiently cut and stitched therefore, converting to the required shape and size is efficiently simple and quick.


Madaline® is especially relevant to the automotive industry as a packaging material for transporting parts within the manufacturing process. It leaves no residue, breathes well to allow evaporation of any moisture, chemicals or solvents on the part and contains no chemicals which can contaminate the part.


Similarly, the electronics industry’s requirements for packaging material to protect displays and sensitive components is well served by Madaline®.


Madaline® is made from micro-endless-filaments therefore its internal structure of micro-channels allows good permeability of air, vapor and moisture. Madaline® has excellent moisture management characteristics.


If desired, additional treatments are available to provide UV absorption for long-term outdoor storage and fire retardant and hydrophobic treatments are also an option.


Being reusable, washable, low weight, strong and void of chemical additives during manufacturing make Madaline® an environmentally friendly material for your workplace,

Technical Features

BreathableBreathableMicro-channels are created inside Madaline® during the hydro-entanglement of very fine microfilaments. These micro-channels make Madaline® permeable, allowing air and vapor to flow through these micro-channels. While the surface area presented by the very thin microfilaments acts as a barrier to trap particles and liquids, the micro-channel paths allow the fabric to breath.Moisture Management and Fast DryingMoisture Management and Fast DryingUntreated Madaline® absorbs 200% of its own weight in water and, with hydrophilic treatment, absorbency can increase to 500%. This is much greater than the 70% absorbency of traditional textiles.Multi-Directional Tensile StrengthMulti-Directional Tensile StrengthMadaline®, as a light weight fabric, has strong multidirectional tensile and tear strength. Additionally, Madaline® poses multidimensional stability due to its endless microfilaments which when entangled consolidate to form a uniformly stable fabric. These attributes make Madaline® an excellent material for the production of home furnishings, uniforms, outdoor active wear, vehicle interiors, etc.Bursting StrengthBursting StrengthMadaline® has been tested for bursting strength in accordance with ISO 13938-1:1999 and achieved a Class A performance level rating.Cutting, Stitching and Non-Fraying EdgesCutting, Stitching and Non-Fraying EdgesDue to multi-directional strength and endless microfilaments Madaline® is cut without fraying and stitching is secure and long-lasting. Traditional textile converting processes are used to efficiently convert Madaline® into finished products. Products converted from Madaline® have been washed up with no degradation of the stitching nor fraying of the ends or surfaces.Lint-Free and Low PillingLint-Free and Low PillingMadaline® is lint-free and low pilling due to its microfilaments which have no ends protruding from the fabric. Madaline® does not release fluff from friction during cleaning, when washing and rubbing experienced as packaging material. Being lint-free also mitigates the build-up of electrostatic charge which can damage electronic equipment and parts.Resistance to Abrasion Resistance to AbrasionCompared to traditional woven and knit textiles, Madaline® is durable to abrasion and therefore low-pilling. The high strength nylon component of Madaline® mitigates filaments from snapping under abrasive friction and breaking free onto the surface.Scratch Free for Sensitive SurfacesScratch Free for Sensitive SurfacesSince Madaline® is constructed from very fine microfilaments therefore has no ends sticking out of the fabric. This feature makes for a smooth and strong surface and Madaline® offers contact without abrasion or scratching. Madaline® also does not leave any residue on the contacted surface.Cost EffectiveCost EffectiveMadaline is multi-washable but retains its construction, performance and shape over a long lifetime. Treatments such as easy soil release during washing lowers detergent cost and especially, its inherent characteristic to dry quickly reduces energy consumption and saves time.Environmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally FriendlyThe Madaline® production process is environmentally friendly, using recycled water, has negligible C02 emissions, and uses less energy than traditional textiles. Madaline® is performance oriented therefore less fabric is needed to achieve similar performance compared to traditional textiles.

Madaline® fills the gap in textiles with a high performance, multi-use and smart fabric that has reduced environmental impact.