Graphics & Digital Printing

Madaline® is quickly becoming the printing industry’s media of choice and replacing traditional PVC coated textiles due to its multi-directional stability, fabric strength and

high-quality image printing capability.


Treatments include UV protection, fire retardant (FR) and hydrophobic characteristics


1- Large media advertising and displays for exhibitions

Impressively large digitally printed surface areas, which exhibit sharp lines and distinctive bright colors and shapes, make for very effective advertisement or promotion. Digitally printed Madaline® allows such an impact of creativity and effect. Madaline® is strong, smooth and multi-directionally stable therefore it is especially suitable for use as a printing media.


2- Banners

With film coated and digitally printed Madaline® banners with sharp, clear and colourful prints can be produced and exhibited. Madaline® has good multi-directional stability to allow for efficient and high-quality printing.


3- Madaline® is a good material for the production of promotional items such as bags, umbrellas, hats, vests, etc. Its handle and attributes, which are similar to a traditional textile’s, result in a practical, long-life product produced to good quality.


Madaline® has been certified for HP Latex Printing Technologies.

Technical Features

Multi-Directional Tensile StrengthMulti-Directional Tensile StrengthMadaline®, as a light weight fabric, has strong multidirectional tensile and tear strength. Additionally, Madaline® poses multidimensional stability due to its endless microfilaments which when entangled consolidate to form a uniformly stable fabric. These attributes make Madaline® an excellent material for the production of home furnishings, uniforms, outdoor active wear, vehicle interiors, etc.AcousticsAcousticsMadaline®, when used alone or laminated with other fabrics provides for a good sound insulating barrier fabric.Cutting, Stitching and Non-Fraying EdgesCutting, Stitching and Non-Fraying EdgesDue to multi-directional strength and endless microfilaments Madaline® is cut without fraying and stitching is secure and long-lasting. Traditional textile converting processes are used to efficiently convert Madaline® into finished products. Products converted from Madaline® have been washed up with no degradation of the stitching nor fraying of the ends or surfaces.Matte White ColorMatte White ColorMadaline® is manufactured as a very uniform fabric, with a very smooth and regular surface, in a matte-white color. Therefore, it is an excellent base media for printing and its micro-channels and polymers allow for very efficient use of dyes. Printed and dyed Madaline® yields outstandingly high quality optical effects.Cost EffectiveCost EffectiveMadaline is multi-washable but retains its construction, performance and shape over a long lifetime. Treatments such as easy soil release during washing lowers detergent cost and especially, its inherent characteristic to dry quickly reduces energy consumption and saves time.Environmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally FriendlyThe Madaline® production process is environmentally friendly, using recycled water, has negligible C02 emissions, and uses less energy than traditional textiles. Madaline® is performance oriented therefore less fabric is needed to achieve similar performance compared to traditional textiles.

Madaline® fills the gap in textiles with a high performance, multi-use and smart fabric that has reduced environmental impact.