Institutional, Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Work Wear

Madaline® microfilament fabrics are innovative and enhanced performance materials for workwear due to being strong, soft, breathable, light-weight, windproof, having good thermal insulation and washable. Also, micro-channels provide good moisture management allowing Madaline® to move moisture vapor away from the body and dry quickly after washing. It has an inherently antimicrobial structure that inhibits the entry and accumulation of bacteria. Although perspiration moisture is transferred away from the body, odor causing bacteria cannot enter and thrive within the fabric. Bacteria, not perspiration, causes unpleasant odors therefore Madaline® stays dry and fresh.


Madaline® can be efficiently cut, without fraying, and its stitching is secure due to multi-directional strength. Regarding care during use, Madaline® generates important cost savings as it is almost 50% lighter and dries much faster than conventional textiles. Thereby there are significant savings in water, detergent and energy use.


Madaline® is an especially good material for outerwear garments such as active-wear, sportswear and institutional-wear and is intended to replace fleece/felt synthetic materials. With no-linting and low pilling it maintains a good surface finish, even after extensive washing and, most importantly, when washed its environmental impact is minimal because there is no fiber release and harmful run-off of polyester fiber with the discharged wash water.


Madaline® has high bacterial filtration efficiency and breaths well. These features allow Madaline® made apparel to remain dry and bacteria free; fresh and non-odorous.


Madaline® can be dyed and printed with designs, treated for FR, water and/or oil repellence, UV resistance and made soil repellent. The resultant garment is attractive with shape memory to provide a wrinkle-free and good stance to enhance institutional or corporate image.


Madline® is efficiently converted during production therefore is a cost effective and competitive material for the apparel manufacturer.

Madaline® fills the gap in textiles with a high performance, multi-use and smart fabric that has reduced environmental impact.