Artificial Leather and Suede for Clothing, Shoes and Bags

Madaline® is an outstanding carrier fabric for artificial suede and artificial leather targeting the high end of the market for these types of fabrics. Madaline® combines the beneficial properties of permeability, tensile strength, tearing strength, abrasion resistance and elongation to create an attractive and superior artificial suede or leather product.


Madaline® microfilament webs are similar to the fine pores and dense fiber structure of real leather and Madaline® is very uniform when compared to other carrier fabrics. There are no voids to create inconsistency in the artificial leather. Therefore, Madaline® very closely approaches the attributes of real leather, especially its breathability and fiber structure. PU impregnated Madaline® is the closest thing to natural leather. The similarity to natural leather allows Madaline® artificial leather to be ‘two sided’. Both sides of the artificial leather are the same therefore no need to ‘hide’ one side with liners etc.


Madaline® does not use PVC, solvents or binders during its production therefore no skin irritation. Madaline® is free of VOC (volatile organic compounds) and meets tighter odor regulations.


Compared to high-end artificial leather produced from traditional textile carrier fabrics, Madaline® is a more cost effective product with equal to or better performance.


Similarly, Madaline®, flocked with short polyester staple fiber is among the best artificial suede fabrics available.


Additional treatments allow the Madaline® hand to be adjustable from soft to stiff and thereby makes it an efficient component for shoes and bags.

Technical Features

Multi-Directional Tensile StrengthMulti-Directional Tensile StrengthMadaline®, as a light weight fabric, has strong multidirectional tensile and tear strength. Additionally, Madaline® poses multidimensional stability due to its endless microfilaments which when entangled consolidate to form a uniformly stable fabric. These attributes make Madaline® an excellent material for the production of home furnishings, uniforms, outdoor active wear, vehicle interiors, etc.Bursting StrengthBursting StrengthMadaline® has been tested for bursting strength in accordance with ISO 13938-1:1999 and achieved a Class A performance level rating.Lint-Free and Low PillingLint-Free and Low PillingMadaline® is lint-free and low pilling due to its microfilaments which have no ends protruding from the fabric. Madaline® does not release fluff from friction during cleaning, when washing and rubbing experienced as packaging material. Being lint-free also mitigates the build-up of electrostatic charge which can damage electronic equipment and parts.Resistance to Abrasion Resistance to AbrasionCompared to traditional woven and knit textiles, Madaline® is durable to abrasion and therefore low-pilling. The high strength nylon component of Madaline® mitigates filaments from snapping under abrasive friction and breaking free onto the surface.Environmentally FriendlyEnvironmentally FriendlyThe Madaline® production process is environmentally friendly, using recycled water, has negligible C02 emissions, and uses less energy than traditional textiles. Madaline® is performance oriented therefore less fabric is needed to achieve similar performance compared to traditional textiles.

Madaline® fills the gap in textiles with a high performance, multi-use and smart fabric that has reduced environmental impact.